Welcome to Mountain Valley School District Re-1

In response to rising COVID cases in our community and recent cases in our school necessitating a shift to remote learning, the Mountain Valley Board of Education has unanimously voted to require masks for ALL students, staff, and visitors in our school until January 18, 2022. Masks are required while in the building, effective immediately through January 18, 2022. When students come back to school on Monday, November 29th, the mask requirement will be enforced for everyone's health and safety.

Additionally, the Board of Education included a renewed commitment to following our social-distancing plan in their vote and approval of COVID mitigation strategies. Social distancing of at least 3 feet should be maintained. During lunch and breakfast, students should not sit next to each other. Every other seat should provide adequate social distancing.

Our students need to be in school with our staff for adequate learning and socialization to take place. We all play a valuable part in keeping our school open to in-person learning. The following layered approach to COVID mitigation that has been approved by the Board of Education should allow us to continue with in-person learning after the Thanksgiving break.

  • Mountain Valley School district will have a mandatory mask requirement for ALL students, staff, and visitors regardless of vaccination status effective immediately through January 18, 2022
  • Social distancing of at least 3 feet will be maintained when possible.
  • Mountain Valley School District will only provide in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year. Learning opportunities will be available for students that are absent due to illness or quarantine.
  • Before coming to school, students, families and staff members should perform daily symptom screening using the At-Home COVID-19 Symptom Screening Tool. MVSD asks that all families, students, and staff monitor symptoms daily and stay home when sick. Local public health recommendations will be followed for any student or staff member that has symptoms of illness while at school.
  • COVID-19 testing will be available at school as needed for students and staff.
  • MVSD will not discriminate against participation/access to in-person learning or activities or have different protocols based on vaccination status of either students or staff. MVSD will not collect vaccination information.
  • Mask wearing is federally mandated on all public transportation. School vehicles are considered public transportation and masks will be required during transport.
  • Adequate ventilation will be encouraged through frequent air filter changes, opening windows when possible, and holding class outside as appropriate.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection will take place throughout the building on a daily basis.
  • Frequent hand washing and respiratory etiquette will be taught, modeled, and encouraged.
  • This plan is subject to change throughout the year in response to local health conditions and requirements.

Thank you for your support as we work together to ensure the health and safety of our community.