New Discipline Structure

To High School Parents/Guardians/Students

We wanted to inform everyone of our new discipline structure and practice. We recognize that poor behavior in the classroom and at school creates a barrier to a successful academic career and limits options for life beyond high school. Our goal and our responsibility, is to help students prepare themselves for their post secondary career. We believe that strong academics and appropriate behavior are the best ways to prepare them to create a positive future.

To that end, we will be implementing the following in grades 9-12 beginning on Monday, October 3rd.

Lunch Detention Process

School personnel will assign a lunch detention for minor behavior that does not warrant immediate removal from class. This could include use of inappropriate language, not on task, disruptive behavior, hoods, earbuds or other behaviors that are inappropriate.

Coach Hunt will monitor the lunch detention.

All students with lunch detention will report to Coach Hunt's room at 11:50. They will be walked down to the lunchroom at the appropriate time where they will be allowed to eat.

During lunch detention, there will be no talking, reading, cell phones or computers. Students will be allowed to work on school work or sit quietly.

Any student unable to successfully complete the lunch detention as described will have the opportunity to serve the next day.

Thank you.

Mr. Stalker

Mr. Bollinger

Covid Return to School

How long should I isolate?

COVID return to school guidance

Recommendations from the CDPHE:

It depends on how you are feeling. For most people, isolation should last five full days, followed by five more days of precautions.

Day 0is the day you first started to feel symptoms. If you never felt symptoms, day 0 is the day you took a positive COVID-19 test.

Day 1of isolation is the first full day after you started feeling symptoms or took a test. This is when you start counting full days of isolation.

Day 6is the first day you can stop isolating if you tested positive but never had any symptoms, or if you have mild symptoms that are getting better and you don’t have a fever. You should continue to wear a mask for five more full days, or until you test negative twice two days apart.

Day 8is the first day you can stop wearing a mask if you tested negative twice — once on day 6 and once on day 8.

Day 11is the first day you can stop isolating if you continued to isolate after day 6. If you stopped isolating on day 6, you can stop wearing a mask around others on day 11 (unless you continue to test positive).

If you still have a fever on day 6 or your symptoms haven’t improved, you should isolate until:

  • You have had no fever for at least 24 hours (without using medicine that reduces fevers) AND
  • Other symptoms have improved (for example, your cough or headache are starting to get better). If you have lost your sense of taste or smell, you may not get it back for weeks after you have started to feel better. You don’t need to wait for your taste or smell to come back before you can stop isolating.